A Grand Re-Opening

Let’s face it, 2020 sucked. That said, it did provide plenty of opportunity for growth; it gave us the space to realize what really matters for us as individuals and for our community. For many of us, it got us a little more in touch with our inner-stoner (and Netflixer) as well.

It takes rain to make a rainbow, and after a year of closure we’re here to take on the New Year with a fresh look and new vibe. From the COVID-19 pandemic, renovation setbacks, and a demanding permit process, Cottonmouth has at long last made it through the storm, excited to serve the West End once again after a long and arduous journey. We’ve been serving the community as a head shop for 15 years, and we are thrilled to finally have the opportunity to provide our customers with cannabis products as well as accessories.


2020 might have been exactly what we needed to face our challenges and provide a better space for our community. Swing on by, come say hi, and stay high; let us welcome you back to the Cottonmouth you know and love (only better).

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