A little about ourselves

Beaming with perma-pride in the heart of Davie Village.

We may be the city’s preeminent purveyors of pot, but no one’s ever accused us of being high on ourselves. We’re blunt, but honey, we’re fun! Like our regulars always say, “Come for the grass, stay for the sass.”

West End Vancouver's Davie street LGBTQ rainbow
A little about ourselves

Fried, Tested and True

We are your friendly, neighbourhood gay-owned and operated head shop. Since opening our doors in 2005, we’ve been proudly serving the community we love with flair and purpose. And now that we’re legal (we got the papers to prove it), we can’t wait to share our passion and knowledge for all things pot in our safe, fun and inclusive space. Come say hi to the fam and see the  difference experience makes.